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I'm a fit mom. A working mom. A business Mom. A...

Updated: Oct 11, 2017

I am a fit mom, a business mom, a full time working mom, a church mom, an active mom...

I am...

I am a...


Forget all the other titles...

I am a tired mom!

Raise your hand if your with me! That is if you aren't too tired from juggling all kinds of hats this week. I wanted this post to be so powerful, so motivated, so inspirational. But let's be honest I am tired and it's been a long week.

And my coffee needs coffee.

So Here is you motivation:

You are not alone. Us Moms are tired. So if you fall asleep after finally sitting down to watch to binge watch a show you have been looking forward to all night. It is okay. We are in the same exhausted boat. May you dream of a special fairy who comes in the night and cleans the house, packs the kids lunches, and folds and puts away the laundry.

All About ME:

Mom of 2 👫, Wife of 1😂, Writer 📖,Cook🍳,Baker🎂.. All powered by massive amounts of Jesus🙏, Coffee☕, & Fitness 👟.

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