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Mommy, You forgot to Pack my String Cheese!

No hello. No Hi mommy. No Kiss and a hug. Nope. When I picked up my 3 year old from school the first words out of his mouth were...

"Mommy, I am upset with you. You didn't pack me string cheese in my lunch." There he stood at the door his hands on his hips like he was waiting for me all day just to let me have it. Let me know that I was on his list.

Do three year old's have list? Well, clearly mine does and you get on his list if you forget the string cheese, or you forget to bring his drumsticks to church, or if you aren't fast enough with the Netflix remote when it ask "Are you still watching.".

I don't know about you but my household is a dictatorship and run my a three year old tyrant. Sometimes at night me and the hubby secretly plot a coup de etat but we are to tired to follow the devised plan because our 3 year old wakes us up at the crack of dawn every morning with the energy of 17 cans of red bull and a Jack Russell terrier.

So... all this to say. I made sure to pack string cheese this morning because well... I am a mom...

and it is what mom's do and how can I say no to this face?

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