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My Kid is Scared of.... Pumpkins!

I can happily say that time heals all wounds. At least that is the case for my now 7 year old because the first time we ever took her to the pumpkin patch it was nothing but tears and screams. She was completely terrified of the everything about the pumpkin patch.

And I was an awful mom because here she is crying like a crazy person and I was laughing and taking pictures. How could I not laugh? I mean I technically don't like pumpkins either but I have never cried at the sight of one. I have on a occasion teared up at the taste of a pumpkin latte because um... no matter how much everyone's loves them they are gross to me and have brought actual tears to my eyes when I force myself to try it just one more time. (insert baby girls scared pumpkin face here and that is exactly how i look when eating anything pumpkin)

I always hold off hope that this pumpkin infused drink will be the one that does it. It will will be the one that is so delicious that I can't wait for it every season... then i take one sip and hate myself for attempting to drink sweet vegetable coffee.

Anyways I digress, one of our favorite things to do is to go to the Cal Pomona Pumpkin Patch with the kids. We always have a ball and the picture moments are so worth it... even the crying ones! LOL

Here are some shots from this years Pumpkin Patch and I can happily report that there were no tears but my 3 year old was not afraid at all. He crawled with the pumpkins, threw pumpkins, tried to pick up pumpkins bigger that him, and tried to secretly stuff small pumpkins in his stroller when I wasn't looking:

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